The Perfect Wedding Flowers
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While a common all round on and around Valentine’s day, weddings are perhaps the second most common element with regards to the importance given the flowers and bouquets.

They are used in almost all the main aspects and decorative items, including in the form of petals in the car and the walking paths, garlands and bangles for the women guests, in the form of bouquets for gifts and on the tables, and last but not the least, by the bride as part of her overall appearance.

As such, the choice of flowers, their colors and type combinations, and most importantly, the work and time that goes into their arrangement are all very important areas.

Not only will they add to the scenery inside and around the wedding venue, they will give the bridge and groom the chance to express the uniqueness of their bond, personal taste, and set a mood and color theme.

The wedding bouquet on the other hand compliments the bride’s dress perfectly, bringing out its best features and making for excellent photographs, not to mention an object of excitement for the bridesmaids.

Choosing Wedding Flowers


The initial launchpad when you’re starting the process of the selection of wedding flowers in Dubai is the theme.

If the color scheme of the flowers and the types are random, they might create sharp contrasts with the vibrant or elegant colors usually chosen at weddings.

For example, purple and white is a very popular theme in weddings these days, but fruity flowers such as yellow and orange will not do well with that setting.


Another external factor that could help you make a good decision that will also be lighter on the budget for that matter, is whether the flowers you’re looking for are in season, and if not, you could chose those types.

Choosing flowers that are available during the time of the year will mean less expense and a better guarantee of freshness and vigor.

The Bridal Bouquet

It is rare for even the most modern and luxurious weddings today to skip on full fledged flower décor, but even when this does happen, a bridal bouquet in Dubai is going to be constant, thanks to the aesthetic value it adds to the pictures.

Unlike most other already prepared flower bouquets, readymade wedding bouquets in Dubai seldom skip on the details and effort, and will in most cases bring perfectly symmetrical and lively petals together to make for great bridal photos.


We mention the florist last, but this certainly doesn’t take away from a professional’s eye for detail and theme suitability.

If you feel making all the decisions about the flower arrangements and bouquets is too much work, you could always hand the baton off to a wedding florist in Dubai, who will make sure the colors look picture perfect.