After The Flower Bouquet Delivery
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Dazzling Love Bloom

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Sweet Surprise

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Heavenly Rose Hand-tied

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Lovely Cheers

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Best Wishes

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Party with Flowers

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So Beautiful

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We’ve all heard of the term flora and fauna being used in several different contexts, although some of us might be confused as to its reference and what it encompasses.

In some academic courses, and even in landscaping training and planning, an entire segment is dedicated to this area, likely because the science of flowers, the climate they can grow in, the items needed to maintain them, and methods to keep them from attracting disease are all important concerns.

Of course, for people who do not have a garden or have someone to do that work, this is irrelevant, except in one sphere. That has to do with flower admirers who would prefer to know a little more about how to make flowers look good.

Like any other item that needs accessorizing and benefits from this, flowers are capable of adding to their beauty and vitality manifold if they are placed in the right vase and light, bunched and selected smartly, and looked after once they are delivered.

So if you’ve just received a flower bouquet delivery in Dubai, where the weather is hot and humid, the following will help you make sure your flowers are not only kept feeling fresh for longer, but are also showcased beautifully.

Flower Bouquet Location

A hot environment is a no-go area for most flowers and bouquets, especially as the outside temperature on most days in Dubai is best avoided.

This suggests it may be best to keep your vases indoors, and avoid sources of direct heat near your bouquet.

If you want to keep your vase in the kitchen and feel that is where is adds the best value, keep it away from the stove and microwave area.

Although you might feel the bouquet looks best under the sunlight from the outdoors, the heat will dehydrate and make the flowers wilt quicker this way, so choose a place that is well lit but is cool and sheltered from direct sun.

Flower Bouquet Aesthetics

Most people who garden or grow flowers will also have excellent taste when it comes to flower vases, but for those who are new to the hobby or just regularly receive flower bouquets, the best idea is to go by flower type.

Tulips for example look stunning in a tall and transparent glass vase that combines the lush green stems with their soothing colors.

If your vase is opaque and short, it is best suited for flowers are smaller in size and stem.

If you’re still not sure, a see-through vase of a medium size will go just fine with most varieties.