Keep Fresh Flowers Looking Their Best
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A Flowers can add a much-needed character and vibrance in the home or office, regardless of where they are kept. If the weather is cold, you could add a cheerful touch by putting them outside on your windowsill for passersby to admire the color and warmth they carry.

Although artificial flowers make for good show pieces as well, without the need for looking after them or washing, there is a noticeable difference in the kind of reception each generates, with fresh flowers creating a happier, more aesthetic feel.

While the merits of a bunch of freshly handpicked and carefully selected batch of flowers are endless, the main drawback here is that they usually wilt and die completely in well under a week, which means if you’re in the habit of always keeping a bunch around, you’ll have to replace them every few days.

Fortunately, there are several things people who love flowers can do to keep them alive and well for more than a handful of days.

Fresh Flowers And The Water

Flowers need water to stay alive and fresh, and the more flowers there are in your vase or decorative container, the more the need for checking the water level.

Some flowers will require more water than others since the time they are cut, which means you will have to keep adding it to keep them looking well for longer.

While water that is domestically available will be just fine for most varieties, it could be worthwhile to consider using the filtered option, especially if your flower or plant is one that is meant to live for longer, or will bloom.

The Vase

It is important to replace the water in the vase regularly, just as you would do for a fishbowl. This is because if water is left still for more than a day, chances that bacteria will multiply increase, and this is not a good thing for the life of the plant.

You could also choose to clean the vase with soap to make sure the sticky sides get rid of the bacteria, and the container is as good as new when you put in fresh water.

Cutting Stems Of Fresh Flowers

In order to make the most of your fresh flowers delivery in Dubai, you should trim the stems of the flowers everyday when you replace the water in the vase.

Trimming the stem will give the stems the ability to keep drinking the water the need.


For those who are unaware, there is such a thing as flower food, which usually has three main ingredients: the sugar, acid, and bleach.

Sugar in the water will keep the flowers looking fresh for longer, and the acid will keep the pH level in the water stable.

The bleach on the other hand will kill the bacteria that is bound to accumulate in still water containers.