Birthday Cakes And Celebratory Occasions

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The cake can be safely concluded to be the most famous dessert in the world, thanks not only to the divine taste, but also the sheer variety and types out there, alongside its versatility, making it perfect for virtually any occasion or even to convey a message.

A cake is usually eaten as part of the celebration of a birthday, which brings it in close association with the song well, and is often the most important item in the event, owing to its ceremonial status, the happy birthday message, and the candles and wish.

The dessert has a variety of spin off variations, including the brownie, gateau and pastry, which are all very popular in their own right.

The use of cakes is not limited to Western cultures or birthdays however, and many European and Asian cultural celebrations also include its use.

In China, birthdays are celebrated over a fruit-shaped dessert made from flour and bun, which is cut up into pastries and served.

In Nordic Europe, the birthday dessert takes the form of a pound cake, and in other places, tarts are topped with cream and served individually.

It is also common for cakes to be used to celebrate religious occasions, and while the traditional cultural desserts are widely used, the cake is usually sent over to the houses of loved ones.

Chocolate Birthday Cakes

Chocolate cakes are without doubt the most popular choice, with hundreds of variations across the world, with dozens more being added, especially by bakeries and dessert chefs in the United States.

Among the chocolate variety, the forever popular and deeply loved fudge cake is perhaps the best known, owing its dense layers and soft, smooth texture.

There is always experimentation going on in the chocolate fudge cake segment, with a view to making it more exotic, add more delightful textures to the icing, and increase the number of layers.

A unique favorite is the chocolate ice cream cake, which usually adds a chocolate brownie base to layers of vanilla ice cream and another element, usually whipped cream.

A recent innovation is the death by chocolate cake, mostly popular in famous bakeries and restaurants. Depending on where it is prepared, the recipe includes the addition of chocolate chips, pudding, and thick yet soft icing.

The Best Non-Chocolate Birthday Cakes


Outside the chocolate fudge and choc-sphere, the most popular cake based dessert is probably the classic cheesecake.

The cake is different from others in the sense that it does not have foamy layers, rather, it relies on the cream to give it texture, and the biscuity crust to give it a good crunchy bottom.


This type is a favorite for people who don’t like the chocolate overload all that much, and does not sacrifice on the density, while delivering a creamy foamy taste.