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Flowers and petals have a special significance not just for events and unions that have romantic inclinations, but also for birthdays, celebrations and friendships.

For people that have no idea about how to care for them, choose them or what the different types mean, there could be a great deal of confusion regarding choice and decoration.

Of course, making a good choice is not the only aspect to consider, and just the way aesthetics of the vase and where the flowers are placed matter as much, so do the few items that go into making a bouquet perfect.

It is a misconception that flowers are only good for romantic gestures, and in fact could make perfect gifts for friends and even birthdays, with the right choice.

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Roses are the best known variety of flowers in the world, with people willing to pay to get their hands on the perfect crisp petal, bright red color and gorgeous folds.

The beauty of the rose lies in its symmetry and proportions, rivaled only by the tulip in how the different layers of petals interact and cover each other.

Even though red roses are the most common type and easily grown, there are other colors for occasions that have a non-romantic nature, and even for family gifts.

The red color is best reserved for your significant other or someone you are interested in that way.

On the other hand, white and yellow are both excellent choices for family and friends, not only because they are harder to come by, but also since the signify simplicity and innocence.  


Lilies are popular in stuff like postcards and pictorial depictions owing to their significance as a reflection of nature.

They are one of the few types of flowers easily available at most flower shops in Dubai, and go really well alone, and make for a perfect single flower bouquet, because they look amazing when done well in a bunch.

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Sunflowers are as amazing to place in a vase and admire as they are in their natural growing field. They represent energy and vitality, and are bound to be reflective of a strong friendship, or make the birthday celebration more versatile and colorful.


In terms of symmetry and aesthetics, the tulip is perhaps the only flower that can rival the rose, thanks to its budding look and thick overlapping petals.

The rich colors make for a beautiful look overall, and there is hardly another type that looks picture perfect in a vase as fresh tulips.

Note however that the tulip needs a cold environment to grow well, and therefore may not be available in tropical countries unless it is imported.